Just What The Doctor Ordered! How to Get Reimbursed for Encapsulation

Placenta: Just what the doctor ordered  How to get reimbursed for your encapsulation

Your placenta:  It’s just what the doctor ordered!

So says a recent Placenta Works client, who was not only lucky enough to have an obstetrician who recognized and recommended the benefits of placenta encapsulation, but she was also able to get a prescription for the service and have the entire cost covered by her Flexible Spending account!

“My OB didn’t bat an eyelash and was happy to give me [a prescription],” said our client.

As many of us fight to normalize term breastfeeding, home birth, and other gentle parenting methods, it can feel oftentimes that we’ve made but little progress.  And then something like this happens!  A mainstream doctor prescribed placenta encapsulation, you say?  And not only that, but a huge corporation, agreed to allow its FSA benefit to cover the cost?  If one word comes to mind, it’s progress.

Here’s the lowdown on how this client got her PE covered, and how you can, too!

  1. Talk to your doctor (OBGYN, APRN, CNM, or NP).  Placenta encapsulation isn’t brand new to the scene.  But your doctor might not have this awesome benefit at the forefront of his or her mind.  You might have to present evidence to support your request, which you can find here on the Placenta Works website.

  2. Get a prescription.  Most doctors shouldn’t fight you too hard on this one.  They’re simply writing little more than a recommendation for a service that can only benefit you, never harm you.  And if your doctor won’t give you a prescription, you may want to find one who is a little more like-minded anyway.

  3. Get an itemized bill from your encapsulation specialist.

  4. Get a form from your FSA administrator to submit a claim for Out of Pocket expenses.  Most placenta encapsulation specialists won’t have the ability to run your FSA credit card.  That means you’ll have to submit payment up front and get reimbursed by your FSA.

  5. Submit the doctor’s prescription, the itemized bill, and claims form to your FSA admin.  

  6. Cash your FULL REIMBURSEMENT check!  (In our client’s case, she was reimbursed completely, and we have no reason to think you wouldn’t be also.)

So what does this mean for the natural birth and child rearing world?  Being covered by an FSA is great, but what about being covered by prescription plans similar to drugs and medical devices?  These first steps of doctor recognition and FSA coverage are fantastic, but let’s keep our shoulder to the wheel, ladies.  There is work yet to be done.


  1. Exciting news!

  2. this is great news! the link to evidence is not working for me

  3. Can you post a link to a sample itemized bill under number 2? Thanks for the info. It will be interesting to see how many folks get reimbursed over time.

    • Sorry, under number 3, not 2!

    • You are welcome! We were excited to share this helpful ‘how to’. We simply used our company invoice with the service listed. If you are a mom looking to get reimbursed, check with your specialist on that, if you are a specialist contact us through the contact page.

      • Do you break down the Labor hours, Disposable supplies and travel? What is your item break down? Or is it just the one charge Encapsulation? What is the CPT# for insurance billing?

        • We did not have a breakdown, and we did not use any code numbers. 🙂 (My apologies for delay, it looks like my comment showed up on another page)

      • I was unable to access. Could an itemized example be given for ladies to present to their insurance company for reimbursement? Thank you!!

        • Hi Roxanne! What was it that you were unable to access? Feel free to contact us directly with an inquiry, through our contact page, so we can better assist you!

  4. Kelly Brown on January 21, 2015 at 4:11 pm said:

    What if you don’t have an FSA? Will insurance cover it with an RX?

    • Not sure about the different insurance companies. There may be a code for postpartum services, that it can possibly fall under, depending on the company.

  5. Aw man! I don’t have an fsa acct

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