Placenta in Your Face! Impressions from the Womb



The placenta is the living, breathing beginning of our babies. It nourishes and protects them, leaving a mark by creating the initial connection between mother and baby and enabling baby to thrive and grow. That connection, and the bond that it creates, is reflected in the strength and health of the placenta.

Placenta prints offer a clear visual of the topography of a placenta. The strength and health of the organ is captured in art, depicting the Tree of Life. The vessels stand out and tell the story of each baby’s history, from conception to birth.  Placenta prints offer mothers a first photo, the tangible evidence of a secret life that existed before earthside life began.  This is no ultrasound image.  The placenta print is a mixed media still shot of the very essence of a mother’s connection with the life she has brought forth.

And just as our babies imprint themselves upon us through life, just as their cells continue to live in our bodies and their spirits continue to nourish our own, sometimes, babies leave a lasting imprint on their origin of life: their placenta.  Check out this photo of Baby J.’s placenta print:

A shadow of J’s face is pressed into the organ and leaves an imprint of J.’s profile in the art, his very first and most organic picture. In this case, the baby has created an impression on the placenta just as definitively as the placenta impacted him.  The Placenta Works team was able to capture life before life outside the womb for this mother.  If you have a print or picture of your placenta, go check it out and see if any images jump out at you. Perhaps you can discern the curve of a cheek, the dent of a nostril, the curl of a tiny ear. Or maybe you can see a picture created by your baby’s placenta print, like imagining dragons passing by in the shapes created by clouds in the sky. There could be a message from the womb waiting for you in your placenta print, a Rorschach image in afterbirth.


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