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Mother’s Day Special :: Placenta Services, Photography Package, & More!

It is that time of year again, when we give extra attention to our deep honor and support for the mother-baby connection. In celebration of Mother’s Day this year, we have partnered up with Alicia of Alicia Juniku Photography, for an amazing mother’s day opportunity for YOU!  Honor your ‘mother’ self, friend, or family member.  Dads, what a great opportunity

New Year, New Path : Placenta Works Stays the Course as Founder Transitions

Thank you friends, clients, and referral sources for your continued support, and another great year here with Placenta Works.  We are honored that you all have put your trust in the professional services of Placenta Works for your postpartum wellness, and/or for referring your clients/patients.  We look forward to serving more new moms and families

Finding the Right Place: How to Display Your Placenta Prints

I’ve Got My Placenta Prints: What to Do with them Now? For many women who seek encapsulation services, the question of what to do with one’s placenta prints is an easy one. These veterans of naturopathy have already cleared space on the wall and stand at the ready with candles and custom framing to enshrine the

Mother’s Day Special – Placenta Services and Birth Photography Package

We deeply honor and support the mother-baby connection, and in celebration of Mother’s Day, we have partnered up with Sherry Steveson of  Cool Breeze Photography for an amazing mothers day gift for YOU!  Honor your ‘mother’ self, friend, or family member.  Dad’s, what a great opportunity to give the gift that keeps on giving, Placenta encapsulation and remedy

Why Placenta Prints? A Mom’s Perspective

“You can also have prints made, the maternal side and the fetal side…” “I can stop you there, dear.  I just don’t want you folks to waste time doing something like that if I’m not really going to use it.  I just don’t need it for anything, thanks anyway.” That was me, being as polite

Just What The Doctor Ordered! How to Get Reimbursed for Encapsulation

Your placenta:  It’s just what the doctor ordered! So says a recent Placenta Works client, who was not only lucky enough to have an obstetrician who recognized and recommended the benefits of placenta encapsulation, but she was also able to get a prescription for the service and have the entire cost covered by her Flexible

Placenta in Your Face! Impressions from the Womb

  The placenta is the living, breathing beginning of our babies. It nourishes and protects them, leaving a mark by creating the initial connection between mother and baby and enabling baby to thrive and grow. That connection, and the bond that it creates, is reflected in the strength and health of the placenta. Placenta prints

Placenta Works Giveaway

Placenta Works Alchemy Gratitude Giveaway

  Welcome to the Placenta Works Alchemy Gratitude Giveaway! We have been blessed to serve hundreds of new mothers in the Coastal Carolinas, and that is an opportunity for which we are deeply grateful. Placenta Encapsulation is not just our profession– it’s our passion. We are thankful for the change in the atmosphere surrounding placenta

$50 Full Service Giveaway!!!

Join us in celebrating! We’re kicking off 2014 with an amazing giveaway in celebration of the tremendous growth we experienced in 2013. We’ve added new team members and now have the ability to serve more moms than ever before! Enter to win a full service encapsulation for just $50.   We may even pick more

Avoiding Postpartum Depression-This Mom Says Placenta Works!

 I sat on the cold exam table as my doctor babbled on.  I was 36 weeks pregnant with my second little miracle, and I was supposed to sigh at every little pink onesie, to croon at tiny baby socks.  I was supposed to be ecstatic and full of joy… but I wasn’t. At all. She

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