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Stephanie :: Rocky Point, NC

Brenda was amazing! We emailed back and forth for weeks prior as I conducted my research on the benefits of the placenta. It was all new to me and we first learned about it at a maternity and baby expo where we met her. She has been extremely helpful through the entire process. I will

Sena :: Wilmington, NC

Brenda was so nice. She came to my house as soon as she got back in town from vacation so she could get me my capsules as soon as possible. My baby came early while she was on vacation in the mountains. She stayed in touch with me to see how I was doing while

Eryn :: Wilmington, NC

I loved Brenda’s love and enthusiasm for her work. It really honored the sacredness of what she was doing and it made me so happy I decided to take the caps, even though it’s not “normal’ in Western society. Can’t wait to tell others. I am on day 13 postpartum and no signs of depression.

Meredith :: Boiling Spring Lakes, NC

I used Brenda’s services to avoid the postpartum I had with my first child. Her communication was awesome. The energy I received from the pills was so beneficial. I would definitely encapsulate again if we have another child. Brenda respected my home and kept her work area clean. I believe in the benefits and will

Anonymous :: Wilmington, NC

Brenda was very courteous and performed her task quickly and with minimal disruption to our routine. She cleaned the kitchen beyond our satisfaction. She was very helpful with follow-up information. My postpartum period went very well, considering what I had dealt with for my first birth. Her fee was reasonable and I will be recommending

Jennifer :: Winnabow, NC

As you know, my husband and I welcomed our second child into our family in early March. Our son is a healthy and happy baby boy and I am a grateful and blessed mom. Many thanks go to you for spreading the word about placenta encapsulation. It was so nice to be able to receive

Robin :: Jacksonville, NC

Thank you so much for introducing me to Placenta Benefits. I am so glad that you told me about placenta encapsulation and spent the time to educate me about its numerous benefits for new moms. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate how you handled the whole process from beginning to end. Your professionalism

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