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America Now :: Placenta National News

Our local story with WECT Wilmington regarding placenta encapsulation, hit many other areas in the Carolinas, including Columbia and Charleston SC.  It also just hit the national news on America Now with Leeza Gibbons and Bill Racine, and was aired all over the country to help raise awareness of placenta encapsulation for postpartum wellness.

WECT :: More women consume placenta to fight postpartum depression

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – More women are fighting postpartum depression by ingesting their placenta. Some women say the placenta is a life-saving organ that is being treated as medical waste.  In a time when doctors are better at treating postpartum depression, women seem to be more open about taking their health into their own hands.

Placenta News Youtube Playlist

Here is a great youtube playlist regarding placenta encapsulation that was put together!

Fox 8 :: Some mothers use placenta to battle post-partum depression

Babies depend on a mother’s nutrient rich placenta to survive in the womb. Now, some unconventional moms pack coolers with them to take the vitamin packed placenta home from the hospital. It’s being used as part of a recipe to fight post-partum depression Direct Link to Article

KFOR :: The Freakiest Cure : Placenta Pills

Oklahoma City: Libby Hanon loves staying at home with her little stair steps. Ranging in age from seven to four months, she’s got her hands full with four kiddos. When she became pregnant with her fourth, little Asher, she decided to try something different, a home birth.

Medical Xpress :: New research shows critical role of placenta in brain development

The groundbreaking findings, conducted with researchers from Vanderbilt University as part of a Silvio Conte Center of Excellence grant fromtheNationalInstituteof Mental Health, offer conclusive evidence that the placenta provides serotonin to the fetal forebrain, not through the mother’s blood supply, as theorized for the past 60 years. The research, “A transient placental source of serotonin

ABC News Denver Channel :: Moms Taking Placenta Pills For Depression

This video was posted by ABC News Denver Channel Direct Link to Video

CTV News :: Some moms hope placenta pills can ward off baby blues

For most women, the placenta is something that is quickly disposed of after birth. But for others, it’s a nutritiousorganthey’rechoosingto consume in the form of pills. One of those mothers is Safire Naranjo.

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