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Brenda Ojala ~ Certified Placenta Encapsulation-Alchemy Specialist & Mentor

It’s a rather unlikely story, how I came to be involved with placenta encapsulation. In 2007, before I was a wife and mother, I had a very vivid dream about eating the afterbirth. I was intrigued by my dream. What did it mean? Although I had been present at two births of friends’ children and most of my friends have children, at this time I had very limited knowledge of the entire process of pregnancy and childbirth, so I began researching the birthing process….

Crystal Gail Anulao ~ Certified Placenta Encapsulation-Alchemy Specialist

I am a homeschooling mother of three beautiful blessings. Our interests include sewing, cooking, camping, hiking, biking, yoga, organic sustainable gardening, tending our chickens, dogs, and pig, and of course, childbirth. My interest in childbirth started at an early age, watching my brothers be born. After preparing for a natural childbirth with my oldest son and ending with an emergency cesarean with my first child I dived head first into all things to do with natural childbirth, precautions, and interventions. I wanted awareness….

Stephanie Mahoney ~ Certified Placenta Encapsulation-Alchemy Specialist and Admin Asst.

I am a stay at home mother of two beautiful little girls. My husband is a fire fighter and we are also part of a health and wellness company. I was introduced by Brenda to placenta encapsulation when I was pregnant with my youngest, at maternity expo. I was intrigued by the thought and after

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