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Suzanne :: Leland, NC

The process took less time than I thought.  I could definitely see a difference in my emotional state and energy level.  No question that this was worth it.  Did not encapsulate placenta with first child, but if we have a third, I would absolutely do it again!

Daisy :: Fayetteville, NC

Brenda was amazing!  Very friendly and professional.  So happy with her services and will do it again if the opportunity comes.  Thank you!

Robin :: Castle Hayne, NC

This was my second time utilizing Brenda’s services for encapsulation. I had such a great experience the first time, I would never go without doing it again. I literally couldn’t wait for my pills to be ready, I so needed that added burst of energy and enthusiasm this time. I am so thankful to have

Sara :: Wilmington, NC

Brenda did a nice job of making this experience personal. My placenta is a part of me and my baby and I trusted it in her care. She was confident and knowledgeable. This isn’t her job…it’s a passion and that made all the difference. 8 weeks postpartum and no baby blues. Biggest difference between this

Jana :: Savannah, GA

The only thing that could improve placenta encapsulation services, is if there were more specialists like Brenda Ojala. Everything was perfect!

Sarah :: Jacksonville, NC

Brenda was extremely flexible with us. We planned on a home birth but ended up at the hospital. Brenda came to our home while we were still at the hospital and started working on the placenta encapsulation process. We came home the next day and would have never have known she was there. Brenda is

Micki :: Oak Island, NC

My husband was concerned that post-partum would be rough on me emotionally. Placenta capsules have helped me maintain a more even demeanor with minimal mood swings (although those ASPCA commercials still make me cry!) Brenda was awesome; especially since she came on such short notice and worked through the night. I’ve been recommending her to

Jaymie :: Jacksonville, NC

I am completely blown away by the effectiveness of the capsules. This is the first time I have used my placenta –for anything! And I believed what I had read/heard from friends about the benefits of placenta ingestion but experiencing it first hand is amazing! God truly does provide! PS-Is this where the saying: “Take

Erin :: Boiling Spring Lakes, NC

It is such a blessing that this is even available in our rural area. The benefits of placenta encapsulation aren’t well known, but I think if more women knew the facts, they wouldn’t be able to ignore the benefits. I also found it nice to have such a positive natural-minded woman in the house at

Kari :: Southport, NC

I had the baby blues with my first child and I wanted to prevent that from happening again. I thought this whole process and my postpartum period were great! My body feels great and I feel happy and energetic. Brenda’s services were awesome!      

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