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Heather :: Placenta Encapsulation in Wilmington, NC

This was absolutely the BEST decision I made for myself and our baby!! Since Scarlett was our absolute last baby I wanted it to be different and to experience pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum in a completely different way. As natural as I possibly could. Stephanie Mahoney with Placenta Works was amazing and super sweet!

Maura :: Placenta Encapsulation in Wilmington, NC

I cannot say enough about the ladies at Placenta Works!! They were so helpful in explaining the whole process to me and when my son was born 2 weeks early they were ready to step into action! I also have Celiac Disease so gluten cross contamination was a big concern of mine. Since they have

Ambria :: Placenta Encapsulation in Jacksonville, NC

I don’t even know where to begin with my thank you! This was the best investment for me and my son. I had a hard time with my milk supply my with my first son and was really disappointed. I vowed if I ever had another baby, then breastfeeding and placenta encapsulation was something I

Bonita :: Placenta Encapsulation in Jacksonville, NC

Where has Placenta Encapsulation been all my life! I have a 5 year old, and now a 10 week old baby girl! Hands down using the Placenta Encapsulation service with Placenta Works this time around, my recovery after baby was by far easier! From struggling with depression/anxiety after my first pregnancy and still having it linger

Shanna :: Placenta Encapsulation in Wilmington, NC

I am so glad that I decided to use Placenta Works with the delivery of my second son! The were very easy to work with, explained every bit of the process in detail and worked with us to meet our needs for our birthing plan. I had unusual circumstances with both deliveries that were different

Kayla :: Placenta Encapsulation in Oak Island, NC

I gave birth to my first son on March 13th, 2015. My son’s birth was everything I imagined and more! I had to be induced just 3 days prior to my due date because of a mild case of preeclampsia. I did not feel I needed an epidural or any chemical intervention and only labored

Mary :: Placenta Encapsulation in Wilmington, NC

Hi Brenda, I wanted to say a big thank you to you and your team !  I am now 6 weeks postpartum  and am happy to report that I am a big fan of your placenta encapsulation services.  I suffered from postpartum depression after my previous child was born.  I am so grateful to not be

Stephanie :: Placenta Encapsulation in Carolina Beach, NC

Hi Brenda Just thought I would drop a note to say our family is home and doing well.  I feel so much better after this delivery than I did with the first c section!   My energy is good and my mood seems much more normal and less prone to ups and downs.  Thank you.

Justine :: Placenta Encapsulation in Greenville, NC

The placenta services provided by Crystal were very professional and personalized. She came to my home before my baby’s birth to answer all of my questions and explain the procedures to me. This gave me a lot of comfort as I awaited my baby’s birth. I was also fortunate to be home when Crystal processed

wilmington placenta encapsulation

Jordyn :: Placenta Encapsulation in Wilmington, NC

Brenda and her team are amazing! They are so knowledgeable about placenta encapsulation and its benefits; I had absolutely no reservations about working with them. The team is also incredibly respectful in honoring a new mother and her space. Brenda was ninja-like, coming in to process my placenta while I napped with the baby and

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