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Tiffany :: Placenta Encapsulation in Leland, NC

Hi Brenda!! I just wanted to thank you and Rachel for all of your help and encapsulation services!! I drank my entire smoothie Friday night, and by yesterday morning my bleeding had slowed tremendously. I’ve been taking my pills since yesterday, and I had some broth in soup tonight. My milk has already come in, my pain

Ashley :: Myrtle Beach, SC

If you are reading this recommendation it is safe to say you are already a great Mommy!  It’s been said before, “knowledge is power!” Before having my first child in December of 2012, I did extensive research on all things natural.  My Bradley Method instructor gave us information on Placenta Works.  I have quite a few friends

Liz :: Wilmington, NC

Because of Brenda and her placenta encapsulation services, I sit here a satisfied, relaxed mama of two with a baby sleeping on my lap and a three year old snuggled in his bed.  It’s safe to say, the happy Liz is back after a long and trying pregnancy. With my first son, I didn’t experience

Margaret :: Wilmington, NC

I would love to tell anyone who would be interested about the benefits of encapsulating my placenta.  It made a huge difference in my life and the lives of my family.  I learned about placenta encapsulation from Olivia, my midwife, and was very interested from the start.  I was anxious about postpartum life in general

Meredith :: Jacksonville, NC

I am absolutely thrilled with the results I’ve had by encapsulating my placenta. I was stuck at the hospital which left my fiance to coordinate with Brenda. He had never gotten a chance to even speak with her before they met and he was immediately impressed with how professional and personable she is. She explained

Amanda :: Myrtle Beach, SC

Working with Brenda was one I the best decisions I made. Not realizing the full potential of the pills until after the process, I would do it a hundred more times. I recommend it to everyone! She was very professional and very pleasant to be around. The pills are amazing! I could not imagine doing

Casey :: Winnabow, NC

I recommend this service to all new mothers! Even for the skeptics, you must have this experience. The best part for me was the joy it brought me upon arriving home from the hospital with all these goodies awaiting me! The “Tree of Life” prints are absolutely precious, every mother should have one. The uniqueness of the experience, joy,

Claire :: Wilmington, NC

As a first time mom I didn’t become interested in encapsulation because I had experience PPD before, but I became interested because it sounded like an incredibly effective way to most likely not experience PPD and who wouldn’t want that for themselves? The further I researched I learned of the additional benefits and so having

Nikki :: Jacksonville, NC

So I wanted to share with you both that I was feeling a bit stressed and worried today, so I made a smoothie with a couple of my tea-cubes in it, and I’m feeling amazing again. This postpartum has been unbelievably joyous and full of love and light. Having experienced postpartum depression in the past,

Elise :: Whiteville NC

Consuming my placenta is something I’ve been interested in since close to the beginning of my pregnancy. I spent my pregnancy focused on a gentle, natural birth, with a nutritional diet, daily exersize,  and meditation. When my birth did not go as planned, with shoulder dystocia and a post-partum hemorrhage, complete with five drugs to

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