PlacentaWorks_098There are a lot of questions covered here in our FAQ’s, and they are categorized for your convenience. Please know that we will be engaging in a pre-service consultation via phone or Skype, going over all details and the specifics for your personalized service. This will take place after you have secured your spot on our calendar, and 2-4 weeks prior to your delivery.

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What is your experience level?
Do you process the placenta in your home or mine?
What areas do you service?
What is my investment for this service?
Do you have any travel fees?
Why would I pay a professional to do this for me?
Do you recommend the raw process over the TCM process?
Does the placenta ‘hold toxins’?
Can I encapsulate if I am a smoker?
Wouldn’t this be considered cannibalism?
Does the bible say anything about consuming your placenta?
When should I contact you to begin the encapsulation process?
How do I insure a spot on your calendar?
How do I safely transfer my Placenta home from the hospital?
Under what circumstances would my placenta be non-consumable?
Can I still encapsulate if I have meds during labor, or a c-section?
If I choose cord blood banking, can I still encapsulate?
Is Group B Strep (GBS) a contraindication?
Can I encapsulate if there is meconium present?
How do I avoid my whole placenta being taken to pathology?
Can I encapsulate if I give birth prematurely?
Is it safe to encapsulate my placenta after a lotus birth?
How soon do you come to my home?
How long does the process take?
Do I need any supplies or do you provide them?
Is there an unpleasant smell during the process?
If my placenta was frozen months ago, can I still use?
How many pills will my placenta yield?
What types of capsules do you use?
What if I have difficulty with swallowing or taking pills?
What if I get headaches while taking the capsules?
Can I share my capsules with others?
Is there a smell or taste to the capsules?
What are the dosage recommendations?
Is there ever a time that it is not recommended that my capsules be taken?
What is the best way to store my capsules?
Do you add anything to my capsules?
Can I continue using my capsules during another pregnancy?
Is there any taste of the placenta in the smoothie?
What can I use the salve for?
Why is the tincture an important part of the process?
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