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Brenda Ojala ~ Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist & Mentor

It’s a rather unlikely story, how I came to be involved with placenta encapsulation. In 2007, before I was a wife and mother, I had a very vivid dream about eating the afterbirth. I was intrigued by my dream. What did it mean? Although I had been present at two births of friends’ children and most of my friends have children, at this time I had very limited knowledge of the entire process of pregnancy and childbirth, so I began researching the birthing process.

I delved into studying birthing, and researched the complete birthing process for months. I studied in detail the purpose of the placenta and placentophagy as I tried to find the meaning of my dream; that is how I stumbled across PlacentaBenefits.info™.

Meanwhile, I married my husband Arvi, and three months later, we found out we were pregnant. I became interested in homeopathic medicine and herbal remedies and decided I wanted to make all decisions about my health and the health of my unborn baby based on the natural resources God had provided for us to heal ourselves. I continued to research birth, and found I embraced the idea that birth is a totally normal phenomenon and not a medical event.

I met many people who supported the home birth movement, and although at the time there were no legal midwives to attend my birth at home, I still decided that was the birth experience I desired. I talked with my midwife about my dream, about eating my placenta, and she was completely supportive. When my son Ryan was born peacefully at home in September 2008, I could not believe the incredible joy and energy I had during the postpartum period, and it was VERY noticeable to others. I knew then that this was something I had to share with other women, and I am excited to be serving women by helping them heal themselves through placenta encapsulation.

I am continually amazed by the placenta and its unique power to heal. Each time I encapsulate a placenta, I gain an even deeper appreciation for its utility and value. The postpartum stories of each new mom I serve only bolster my excitement and determination to help raise awareness of the incredible gift of the placenta, so more women can have a joyous, energetic, and well balanced postpartum experience.

The more I work with moms and their placentas, the more people I talk to, the more research I study, the more I learn about the placenta itself, the more motivated I become to delve even deeper into this phenomenon. I have definitely become a placenta advocate!



Crystal Gail Anulao ~ Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

I am a homeschooling mother of three beautiful blessings. Our interests include sewing, cooking, camping, hiking, biking, yoga, organic sustainable gardening, tending our chickens, dogs, and pig, and of course, childbirth. My interest in childbirth started at an early age, watching my brothers be born. After preparing for a natural childbirth with my oldest son and ending with an emergency cesarean with my first child I dived head first into all things to do with natural childbirth, precautions, and interventions. I wanted awareness.

I became a doula a year later while attending massage school, and took great interest in prenatal massage. After massage school I attended Jung Tao Chinese Medicine School and gained a taste of the amazing world of Chinese medicine and healing with food, herbs, and energy. We then found out we were being blessed with our second child and left school to be back at home with the children and continued learning all I could about creation of a new being.

After a successful VBAC and our beautiful daughter weaned I ventured to learn how to teach yoga. Knowing its many benefits during pregnancy, birth, and healing afterwards I wanted to be able to pass it on to others on that journey. We then were blessed with our third blessing and I realize daily how extremely blessed I am. I continue to teach yoga five days a week, massage by appointment and enjoy the opportunity to work with mothers wanting a peaceful and aware birth experience.

Learning about placenta encapsulation and the many benefits has been another link to the continuing effort to help mothers become aware of the amazing power of their bodies and the great works that happen during pregnancy that can continue to bless them afterwards.

By joining with the Placenta Works team, I hope bring the wisdom acquired the past 11 years through study and experience with birth work to help empower women to grow in awareness and confidence in their own body’s capabilities and to help them have greater understanding on their journey through childbirth and the encapsulation process and benefits. PBi is working hard to bring scientific evidence to the medical field on this wonderful Traditional Chinese Method of medicine. I am thankful to be working on a team of such dedicated, aware humans seeking wisdom of the ages, while bringing nourishment and healing to women.

It is my pleasure to serve you in anyway possible. May your journey be blessed with love and wisdom!

Crystal Gail Anulao
Doula (DONA trained)
Massage Therapist, LMBT
Yoga Instructor, RYT


Rachel Crissey ~ Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

The fascination I have with pregnancy and childbirth began in my early twenties when I witnessed the birth of a friend’s child.  I remember watching in awe as her body took over and directed her through the birth process.  Years later, I have birthed two babies of my own, yet I am still amazed at the strength and innate wisdom the female body possesses.

I have always been intrigued by the use of herbal remedies to keep the human body healthy, but having my own family to take care of gave natural healing a greater importance.  During my pregnancies, I was not aware of the benefits of placenta encapsulation, therefore I did not have either of my placentas encapsulated.  Part of the reason I became a Placenta Encapsulation Specialist is so that I can help spread the word so other mothers will be aware of this service and reap the benefits.

Following the birth of my children, I became a freelance photographer with a focus on capturing family, pregnancy, birth and newborn memories.  While my career path has been diverse, I have always had the satisfaction of helping people and empowering them to make informed choices about their lives and their bodies.  I am thrilled to be working with Brenda of Placenta Works!

~Servsafe Food Handler Certificate


Nicole Havelka ~ Doula/Training for Placenta Encapsulation

nicolebioI came to birth work through the births of my two children.  With my first pregnancy I started to learn about growing a baby, birthing a baby and nurturing a baby.  I came to a place of understanding that my pregnancy and the birth of my baby was something that my body could and would accomplish with little to no intervention.

If my first pregnancy and birth planted the seed, my second pregnancy and birth pushed that seed into the light and made it grow.  I took a toLabor doula training, and have been an active birth doula for almost three years.  As a birth doula, I have supported women and families in a variety of circumstances; first pregnancies, VBACs, deployed partners, home births, hospital births, inductions and more.  It is an honor to be invited into each client’s birth space.

Training to do Placenta Encapsulation with Brenda provides an opportunity to offer women the tools they need to have the best postpartum experience possible.  The benefits of PE- physical, mental and emotional- continue to amaze me as I learn more and more.  I am excited for this part of the journey!

Christine Muniz ~ Administrative Support


Robin Hill ~ Breastfeeding Peer Counselor

Robin is part of the Placenta Works support staff. She works in community outreach to provide education about placenta encapsulation. In addition, Robin assists with marketing, trade shows and public relations as needed. She is considering encapsulation certification as the need in our area grows. Robin is also a community breastfeeding counselor and natural childbirth/ homebirth advocate in addition to being a stay at home mom of three, children’s seamstress and founder of Pattern Revolution.

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