Sheep Placenta

Sheep Placenta Capsules

Sheep Placenta capsules feature all natural amino acids, hormones and other nutrients that help rejuvenate the body and skin.

There is a warning on the label that says: This product should not be used by children or women who are pregnant or nursing. Use at your own discretion!
Current research suggests placenta possesses many beauty and health benefits:

•  regulates hormones
•  promotes general health,
•  boosts immune system,
•  improves physical vitality,
•  revitalizes skin cells,
•  promotes anti-aging effects.

New mothers have found that ingesting placenta during the postpartum period helps them avoid the “baby blues”, increases their energy and their milk production. If you do not have the chance to use your own baby’s placenta after the birth, or you want to continue reaping the benefits of placenta after your own capsules have run out, sheep placenta is a viable alternative.

This sheep placenta is imported from New Zealand. This is beneficial because New Zealanders use very few pesticides on their pastures, so the placentas from their sheep are much healthier than those from other countries.

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