Crystal Gail Anulao ~ Certified Placenta Encapsulation-Alchemy Specialist

I am a homeschooling mother of three beautiful blessings. Our interests include sewing, cooking, camping, hiking, biking, yoga, organic sustainable gardening, tending our chickens, dogs, and pig, and of course, childbirth. My interest in childbirth started at an early age, watching my brothers be born. After preparing for a natural childbirth with my oldest son and ending with an emergency cesarean with my first child I dived head first into all things to do with natural childbirth, precautions, and interventions. I wanted awareness.

I became a doula a year later while attending massage school, and took great interest in prenatal massage. After massage school I attended Jung Tao Chinese Medicine School and gained a taste of the amazing world of Chinese medicine and healing with food, herbs, and energy. We then found out we were being blessed with our second child and left school to be back at home with the children and continued learning all I could about creation of a new being.

After a successful VBAC and our beautiful daughter weaned I ventured to learn how to teach yoga. Knowing its many benefits during pregnancy, birth, and healing afterwards I wanted to be able to pass it on to others on that journey. We then were blessed with our third blessing and I realize daily how extremely blessed I am. I continue to teach yoga five days a week, massage by appointment and enjoy the opportunity to work with mothers wanting a peaceful and aware birth experience.

Learning about placenta encapsulation and the many benefits has been another link to the continuing effort to help mothers become aware of the amazing power of their bodies and the great works that happen during pregnancy that can continue to bless them afterwards.

By joining with the Placenta Works team, I hope bring the wisdom acquired the past 14 years through study and experience with birth work to help empower women to grow in awareness and confidence in their own body’s capabilities and to help them have greater understanding on their journey through childbirth and the encapsulation process and benefits. PBi is working hard to bring scientific evidence to the medical field on this wonderful Traditional Chinese Method of medicine. I am thankful to be working on a team of such dedicated, aware humans seeking wisdom of the ages, while bringing nourishment and healing to women.

It is my pleasure to serve you in anyway possible.

May your journey be blessed with love and wisdom!



  • Food Safety and Handling
  • OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Trained with Placenta Benefits
  • Hands on Training with Placenta Works
  • Doula (DONA trained)
  • Massage Therapist, LMBT
  • Yoga Instructor, RYT
  • Reiki Master


  1. Timia Rice on January 25, 2015 at 6:36 am said:

    Hello Crystal, My name is Timia. By reading your description, Me and my husband would love for you to partake in encapuslating my placenta this spring. My EDD is May 24 2015

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