Stephanie Mahoney ~ Certified Placenta Encapsulation-Alchemy Specialist and Admin Asst.

DSC_0118I am a stay at home mother of two beautiful little girls. My husband is a fire fighter and we are also part of a health and wellness company. I was introduced by Brenda to placenta encapsulation when I was pregnant with my youngest, at maternity expo. I was intrigued by the thought and after much research I decided to contact Brenda. It was the best experience, and the postpartum period was much more enjoyable than with my first, especially after having a repeat c-section after trying my hardest to birth naturally.

Fast forward three years, as I began to make more permanent career choices, with health care always being my passion. After two traumatic births, with many unnecessary interventions, I knew I no longer wanted to be in a medical setting, I wanted to empower women to do birth and nurture their bodies and newborns the way nature intended. After taking a more natural approach to raising my family I started looking into more natural health care fields. A post from Placenta Works came across my news feed, and I took it as my sign to start on my career path. I also plan to continue my education in birth work to become a doula.



  • Food Safety Handling
  • OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Trained with Placenta Benefits
  • Hands on training with Placenta Works

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