Robin :: Jacksonville, NC

Thank you so much for introducing me to Placenta Benefits. I am so glad that you told me about placenta encapsulation and spent the time to educate me about its numerous benefits for new moms. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate how you handled the whole process from beginning to end. Your professionalism made the entire experience an easy one for me. I felt like I did not have to worry about a thing because you took care of everything- arranging for the release of my placenta from the hospital, the entire preparation and encapsulation process in my home, and you even left my kitchen cleaner than you found it!

I’ve been taking my pills for 3 weeks now and definitely notice a difference from my first postpartum experience when I did not have my placenta prepared. I have lots of energy despite a lack of sleep, and my milk supply is so much greater than it was last time. I will certainly be telling all my friends about the benefits of placentophagy and will recommend your services to any expectant moms I meet. Thanks again for your wonderful service.

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