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AshleyIf you are reading this recommendation it is safe to say you are already a great Mommy!  It’s been said before, “knowledge is power!” Before having my first child in December of 2012, I did extensive research on all things natural.  My Bradley Method instructor gave us information on Placenta Works.  I have quite a few friends who had the baby blues after their children were born.  It was sad to see them go through something like this at a time in their life they should have been feeling blissful.  It was uncontrollable for them, or so they thought, since their hormones were changing so quickly after giving birth.  Placenta Works was something I wanted to try and my husband was excited about it as well.  Speaking with Brenda made me feel even more intrigued about both the process and the benefits.

She was professional, knowledgeable and was very encouraging.  She went over exactly what we would be getting out of my placenta and we were amazed.  Weeks after having our son and following the regimen recommended by Brenda, I noticed a huge difference in myself.  Things that would normally irritate me or make me feel anxious were no longer having that affect on me.  I was feeling very neutral which allowed me to focus on our new little man.  I am so thankful I found, Brenda and Placenta Works.  We will be sure to use Placenta Works for all future Lentz babies!

Thank you, Brenda!

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