Claire :: Wilmington, NC

As a first time mom I didn’t become interested in encapsulation because I had experience PPD before, but I became interested because it sounded like an incredibly effective way to most likely not experience PPD and who wouldn’t want that for themselves? The further I researched I learned of the additional benefits and so having the process done was something I absolutely wanted for myself and my baby. I never had the chance to meet Brenda but was so pleased with her professionalism and the speed in which she got me my hospital smoothie and pills completed. I just took the last of my vitamins and am happy to report that I had so much energy post partum and never once had a day of baby blues. My son is a calm baby and I think that has a lot to do with my calm energy that came from the boost the vitamins give you. In addition, I’ve had incredible milk supply and come from a family of women who didn’t, so I feel like my encapsulation must have played a part in that. I will not hesitate to do it again with a future baby!

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