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Consuming my placenta is something I’ve been interested in since close to the beginning of my pregnancy. I spent my pregnancy focused on a gentle, natural birth, with a nutritional diet, daily exersize,  and meditation. When my birth did not go as planned, with shoulder dystocia and a post-partum hemorrhage, complete with five drugs to stop my bleeding, I came away so incredibly grateful for my beautiful, healthy daughter, but very upset that I had not given her the gentle birth I had imagined. Along with feeling that I  hadn’t given her the best birth, my body also reacted to the drugs, leaving me tired and doubting my abilities. When Brenda came to my home to prepare my placenta she immediately recognized that I needed a ‘boost’ she made me a quick, yummy shake using some fruit in the fridge and part of my placenta. Upon comsumption, I felt more energy and a general feeling of being stronger and happier. She used the rest of the placenta to make capsules for daily consumption. I  believe consuming my placenta capsules gave me more energy, decreased the extent of my baby blues and increased my breastmilk production.  Although a first time mom I never had to supplement my breastmilk with formula and my baby has never had a problem gaining weight from breastfeeding. I truly believe consuming my placenta was a smart, healthy choice that benefited my baby and myself. The beautiful prints and umbilcial cord are one of a kind keepsakes that I cherish. Thanks Brenda!

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