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LizBecause of Brenda and her placenta encapsulation services, I sit here a satisfied, relaxed mama of two with a baby sleeping on my lap and a three year old snuggled in his bed.  It’s safe to say, the happy Liz is back after a long and trying pregnancy.

With my first son, I didn’t experience any PPD and a minimal amount of the baby blues. This pregnancy was different though. I was mothering a 2 year old, working and my husband and I lost his mother to melanoma when I was half way through my pregnancy.  I started out sick, experienced the biggest loss to date and then had excruciating sciatica and back pain toward the end.  Needless to say, it wasn’t the dream pregnancy I had previously had with Thomas.

I feared how I was going to survive the aftermath with a new born and certainly didn’t want him to be welcomed by an overwhelmed, saddened mom.

When I had first heard of Brenda’s services I was intrigued and when I got toward the end of my pregnancy it became a necessity to try placenta encapsulation.

Brenda came to the house while I was in the hospital.  We were all blown away with the amount of work and all the pluses that come along with the service.  I drank the smoothie at the hospital and just as Brenda had explained, I had a soon to follow deep slumber–something that I never had with Thomas. It really helped me get back on my feet post delivery. When I got home there was a beautiful display of placenta artwork, capsules, and literature.

I certainly felt more of the baby blues this time (as expected).  When taking the pills, I can feel an almost immediate surge in energy and lightened mood.  I have been pleasantly surprised at how well I have been able to handle the transition from one to two children while returning to work after 2 weeks (and have Christmas mixed in, too).  I would recommend Placenta Works to everyone, no matter what their circumstances may be, for an over all feeling of well-being post delivery.  It’s amazing!


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