Meredith :: Jacksonville, NC

I am absolutely thrilled with the results I’ve had by encapsulating my placenta. I was stuck at the hospital which left my fiance to coordinate with Brenda. He had never gotten a chance to even speak with her before they met and he was immediately impressed with how professional and personable she is. She explained every step of the process for him and everything she did was customized for me, as an individual with my own set of needs. I surprised her last minute with a change of plans – I needed her services 3 weeks earlier than we had originally planned – and Brenda went out of her way to make sure she could be here for us/me. Just by talking to her briefly over the phone, you realize that she absolutely loves what she is doing, which made me feel very confident. She even convinced me to try the smoothie and tea, which she helped prepare for my fiance so he could run it right back up to me at the hospital. I truly credit the placenta pills for helping me feel calmer and more in control during the first week and even some weeks after my son was born, as we dealt with jaundice, re-admittance into the hospital, and a tongue tie. I also believe they helped bring my milk in faster, as well as made it possible for me to exclusively pump for the first 8 weeks of his life and freeze nearly 250 oz of extra milk, something I had never been able to do with my other children. I even credit the placenta pills for how luscious my milk is. This being my third child I have pumped for, I have never seen my milk as thick and fatty as it is with me taking my placenta pills. At 3 months, my son has gained 10 lbs since birth and grown 6 inches! I am fully satisfied with the service, I will definitely do this again if we have any more children, and I do recommend encapsulation to anyone I find out is expecting a baby! I hope to use Brenda next time as well, because she goes above and beyond what is expected!

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