Heather :: Placenta Encapsulation in Wilmington, NC

heather-jonesThis was absolutely the BEST decision I made for myself and our baby!! Since Scarlett was our absolute last baby I wanted it to be different and to experience pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum in a completely different way. As natural as I possibly could. Stephanie Mahoney with Placenta Works was amazing and super sweet! I personally recommend getting all of the options they offer to experience it all in a whole, but even if this isn’t for you, at the VERY least get the prints and the cord keepsake!!! Very beautiful pieces that will forever be cherished!!! The placenta capsules I HIGHLY recommend!!!!!! I regret not knowing about this and doing this with all of my other babies!!!  Mama’s about to have babies or just discovering you are expecting look into this now and book them! You will NOT regret it!

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