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image (4)The placenta services provided by Crystal were very professional and personalized. She came to my home before my baby’s birth to answer all of my questions and explain the procedures to me. This gave me a lot of comfort as I awaited my baby’s birth. I was also fortunate to be home when Crystal processed my placenta and I learned so much more about the benefits and was so impressed by her knowledge and skills. I enjoyed being able to share the experience of seeing my baby’s placenta transform into healing remedies for me and also beautiful keepsake prints for our family.

I have experienced depression in the past during different times in my life and so preventing postpartum depression was my primary purpose for having my placenta encapsulated. I used my placenta pills right away and feel that they supported my mood as well as helped me feel re-energized and sped up my recovery after my daughters birth. I am still taking them 3 months later as needed.

The services from Placenta Works were worth every penny! I’m really grateful for the kind and caring way that Crystal treated my family and me and the wonderful job that she did processing my placenta and educating me so that I can benefit from it as much as possible and share with other people.

Thank you Crystal and Brenda!

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