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image1I gave birth to my first son on March 13th, 2015. My son’s birth was everything I imagined and more! I had to be induced just 3 days prior to my due date because of a mild case of preeclampsia. I did not feel I needed an epidural or any chemical intervention and only labored for about 9 hours! I sought out the services of Placenta Works to make sure my postpartum experience was just as amazing as my prenatal and birthing experience! I loved the smoothie I received in the hospital and was very pleased with the set-up on my counter when we came home. Little did I know just how sick I would become when returning home. I had no appetite, I had intense pain in my abdomen, and nursing my son was becoming a complication, not to mention, my nutrition was very poor due to no appetite. After several appointments and being told it was simply a “GI virus”, a surgeon finally scheduled my surgery to have my gallbladder removed which then turned into emergency intestinal surgery. I was in the hospital 6 days and couldn’t eat five of those days. Turns out, I had a gallstone that caused a hole in my intestine–hence why I was in so much pain. My milk dried up and I was highly medicated. It was very disheartening to me to be away from my newborn baby-(thank God for my awesome husband and family that helped take care of him!) Although I had put a halt on taking the placenta pills through my sickness, as soon as I got better, I started taking them again. I FIRMLY BELIEVE that placenta encapsulation helped my energy, my depression, my healing and also my therapy for getting better. I just took my last pill and literally cried because I was out. Although people seem to scrunch their nose up at this form of postpartum remedies, no one should judge it until you try it. I will DEFINITELY be doing the encapsulation again when the time comes!

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