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It’s not just about the placenta, we also support the mother-baby connection through…

Raising awareness of all things natural, especially with pregnancy, birth and after birth.
Offering on-going information about the amazing and perfect design of our bodies,
how to birth a baby naturally,
and how to have an optimal birth and postpartum experience through placenta encapsulation.
~ PLACENTA WORKS to decrease postpartum depression.
~ PLACENTA WORKS to avoid the 'baby blues'.
~ PLACENTA WORKS to increase and enrich lactation.
~ PLACENTA WORKS to increase energy.
~ PLACENTA WORKS to decrease postnatal bleeding.
~ PLACENTA WORKS to decrease iron deficiency.
~ PLACENTA WORKS to balance your hormones.
~ PLACENTA WORKS to improve quality of sleep.
~ PLACENTA WORKS to enhance mood.
~ PLACENTA WORKS to decrease weepiness.
~ PLACENTA WORKS to return the uterus to normal size quicker.
~ PLACENTA WORKS to increase libido.
~ PLACENTA WORKS to decrease pain.

There are no vitamins, supplements, or medications that can do what your placenta pills can do for you, during your postpartum period.


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